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Dear Jessica,

I  just wanted to take the time to let you know how impressed I am with the level of customer service, care, hard work, and appreciation you have for your clients. Each time I come in for a visit I leave with outstanding results and always look forward to our next appointment. Until I came into see you I was completely displeased with my previous experiences with laser hair removal (quite a few). Nevertheless, after only one treatment with you I was delighted with the results and each treatment proves to be more successful. Now I have achieved significant hair reduction and no longer worry about waxing or shaving, which were such time consuming and tedious methods in the past. I want to thank you for everything you have done to ensure that all of my experiences at your clinic are both rewarding and enjoyable. Also, your receptionist is delightful! She is very accommodating and her warmth is felt in every conversation, making clients feel at ease and taken care of. 

Thanks again Jessica!

Warmest Regards,
Erica Grenci


"Laser hair removal has changed my life. My self esteem was low before knowing I had facial hair. I am now hair free thanks to Jessica and The Laser Clinic®. It is a great feeling".
Sharon L


"For years I've struggled with dark coarse facial hair on my chin and upper lip. Plucking, waxing, bleaching... everything seemed to make it worse.  My skin was even developing dark spots where the hair roots grew. As I grew older(mid 40's) more hair was growing under my chin.  I felt like the bearded lady!  When my sisters gave me a gift certificate to the Laser Clinic for my 50th birthday I thought, 'Finally, something that might work!' My skin colouring is brown from latin/black/Caucasian heritage and it only took four sessions to give me permanent results.  No pain, no redness, no rash and most of all...NO HAIR! Thanks, Jessica! " ~Cathy T


"Thanks to you I can wear skirts again"
~ Kelly K.

"2 treatments of laser made such a difference! My legs are so much smoother!"
~ Roshni M.

"With each treatment my bikini got better and better."
~ Jessica T., Age 37

"The black hair on my chin and cheeks has fallen out and I am looking less like a sasquatch."
~ Sylvia

"Dear Jessica, Thank you for finally convincing me to laser my legs. I am so excited to see the results! Finally I will be hair free or at least have less hair."
~ Lauren

"It was a pleasure to meet you looking forward to seeing you next month."
~ Nadine

"I can not tell you my bikini, It is like a ..."Mechaia"... I am so pleased!"
~ Jennifer S.

"The Laser Clinic® is Amazing! In the short time that I have come to know The Laser Clinic® I have had nothing but positive experiences. It has surpassed all of my expectations in terms of customer care and satisfaction. The results from my laser hair removal have exceeded my expectations. The results I have had in four months is incredible... There is virtually not more hair growth! Jessica, your education and in depth knowledge of the numerous services you provide reflect in the results your customers receive. You are amazing!! Thank you for everything."
~ Carla M.

"I've been to The Laser Clinic® to see Jessica for everything from laser hair removal, to facials, to genesis treatments. Since going on a regular basis my skin cleared up immensely and am very pleased with the hair removal that has taken place on my chest and stomach as a result of the laser treatments. Jessica is very easy to talk to, always lets you know exactly what she's doing and why she's doing it."
~ Aaron K.

"As you can see from the picture, the area that you treated showed remarkable results (only after 2 treatments) compared to the area treated by 12 times by -----. The proof is in the picture!! Thank you Jessica for listening to my concerns, for answering all my questions, for being up front and honest and for providing the best service and product available. You have certainly given me the confidence to face the public... hair free!!!!!"
~ Carla M.

Photo courtesy of Carla M.

"I could see the positive results of the laser treatments; however, a part of me was still pessimistic about the long term results. Having gone to another community laser hair removal every 6 weeks for two years straight and getting minimal results, I had some reservations that the treatment I received was now actually working. I am now reassured that your treatment works and I am very pleased with the results. I have referred your clinic to others and I can honestly say that they also are pleased with your work. I would have no reservations in recommending you to others."

~ Iola P

"Before coming to The Laser Clinic I was unsuccessful with almost 2 years of treatments (at another clinic). After 6 treatments I have seen a dramatic improvement. Not only have my treatments been successful, but the staff is very friendly and truly care about their clients. "

~ Amanda R

Laser Hair Removal

THE LASER CLINIC® is committed to quality service at an affordable price in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Nearly two decades of experience in the beauty industry. THE LASER CLINIC® is always looking into the future. Our goal is to offer our clients the latest state of the art technologies so we may be able to offer the best possible services to meet their ever-changing needs.

Multiple state-of-art Laser systems to choose from

For Women, Men and Teens of all Skin Tones and Types

Lasers have become the most effective method in rapid gentle removal of unwanted hair. It is a simple process with amazing results and a relatively comfortable and inexpensive method when compared to electrolysis or waxing. At THE LASER CLINIC® it is our priority to make sure that all of our clients are well-informed during their complimentary consultation. We are fully committed to providing the safest and most advanced treatments available. At the clinic we also have use a zimmer which blows cool air to assist in the comfort of the treatment.

Treatment Techniques : Video

Laser Hair Removal Treatment - What is it and how does it work?

A laser produces a focused beam of highly concentrated light which is then absorbed by the melanin in the hair surrounding the hair follicle. The pigment in the follicle absorbs the laser energy and converts it into heat, which selectively damages and disables the hair follicle. The laser is pulsed for only a fraction of a second. The duration is determined in order to be effective on the hair follicle while leaving no damage to pores or skin structures. Some of the hair is shed immediately after treatment; the rest is shed over the next 2 to 3 weeks.

All hair grows in cycles that consists of three stages-- the Anagen phase (active growth), Catagen phase (dormant growth) or Telogen phase (fall-out stage). Hair can only be permanently destroyed in the Anagen (active) phase when the hair follicle has an abundance of colour and is being fed by blood vessels. The heat generated from the laser light seals off the blood vessels to these active hairs. 50 - 85% of hair are in the active growth phase at one time.

Typically 25-35% of these hairs contain enough pigment to be permanently reduced. Hairs that survive will come back, usually weaker and finer in texture. The treatment program takes a phased approach to laser hair reduction to coincide with the Anagen phase of hair growth to maximize the effectiveness of each treatment.

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair Growth Cycle

1. Early Anagen (Early Growth)
2. Anagen (Active Growth)
3. Catagen (Regression)
4. Telogen (Resting)

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Why do we use Multiple Laser Systems?

We use multiple lasers so that we may maximize the possible hair reduction for our clients. Some of our clients have very light hair and a mixing of the lasers has helped those clients achieve the best possible results. We have the Harmony laser system which is fast and efficient but can only be used if the client has not had sun exposure prior to the treatment. The CoolGlide which has a longer wave length and is safe for all colors of skin and even sun tanned skin can be used all year long. The CoolGlide systems are one of the most versatile and the best laser hair removal systems on the market using the latest technology in laser hair removal. CoolGlide Laser Systems can rapidly treat large areas without the limitations of older technologies.

The patented technology combines an intense pulse of concentrated light which is directed through a small cooled hand piece and is then gently applied to the skin which is protected (cooling gel pads applied immediately before and after treatment) by a gold plated cooling head which glides over the skin half a second before the laser beam to the treatment site.

The CoolGlide system's longer wavelength allows us to customize your treatment based on skin tones, hair texture, and location. It can be used safely and effectively on patients with light or dark skin, as well as tanned skin. The intense pulsed light system consist of short wavelength lasers and can produce good results in some circumstances. However, though they produce light which is shorter in wavelength their laser energy both scatters more in the skin and is mostly absorbed by the top few millimeters of the skin above many hair roots. Therefore it sometimes causes temporary rather than permanent hair reduction.

In comparison the fourth generation CoolGlide laser uses the longest available deeper penetrating wavelength reaching even the deepest hair roots , which can be 4mm-6mm below the skin surfaces. Typically the short wavelength system has to be pressed on the skin while the laser is triggered, but there is the risk that stray hairs will be burned into the skin. By comparison there is no contact between the CoolGlide laser aperture and the skin when the beam is applied.

CoolGlide lasers can treat the fine hair on a woman's upper lip just as easily and effectively as the coarse hair on a man's back. The cooled hand piece increases clients comfort and minimizes the adverse skin reaction commonly seen with other lasers. Research shows that the decreased melanin absorption of longer wavelength lasers is an advantage because it reduces epidermal heating and damage, allowing patients with darker skin to be treated without causing hyperpigmentation.

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What areas can be treated with Laser systems?

Laser Hair Removal for men and women is possible for virtually all areas of the body. With a series of treatments and as long as the hair has good colors we treat the face, forehead, neck, chest, back, buttocks, bikini, legs, fingers and toes. We are comfortable to laser either the male or female brazilian don't be shy to ask, it is very common.

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How does Laser compare with other hair removal methods?

Shaving ,waxing and depilatory creams are all temporary methods which must be repeated on a frequent basis. Electrolysis although also a permanent hair removal system often requires years of treatments. We specialize in electrolysis and have use of a Carl Zeiss microscope. We still use electrolysis for areas such as the eye brows or areas where the hair has gone grey or too light for laser.

Save Time and Money

CoolGlide laser delivers light energy to hundreds of hair follicles at a time. It offers permanent hair reduction in just seconds that would take over an hour with electrolysis. However in order to follow our mandate to offer our clients the most effective and affordable beauty solutions in some instances we utilize Electrolysis Treatments to compliment Laser Hair reduction.

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Are there any possible side affects?

Clients experience few lasting side effects with CoolGlide laser treatments. The most commonly noticed are slight reddening and local swelling of the skin, similar to a sunburn. Applying additional cool packs after treatment will minimize this reaction, and applying a sunscreen after treatment with a minimum of SPF 30 will add extra protection for the skin. In rare instances, a blister or bruising may occur but this typically resolves quickly. To prevent infection we recommend applying Polysporin to the blister to minimize infection. (See Preparation Guidelines and What to expect after for more details).

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How many treatments will I need?

Everyone's hair grows differently depending on age, weight, metabolism, hormones, hair thickness, the area treated, medications, ethnicity and other factors.

Typically thick dark hairs require 3-6 treatments over a year. For optimal long-term benefits treatments are phased to coincide with your hair growth cycle to maximize the percentage of reduction per treatment. After that, touch up treatments can be performed for any new growth.

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What do Laser Hair Removal Treatments feel like?

As the name implies, the CoolGlide hand piece cools and soothes as it glides along your skin. When the pulse of light is delivered some clients experience a mild pinching, or stinging sensation. It often reminds clients of the snap of a rubber band. No local anesthesia or pain medication is typically required, however some clients may prefer to use a topical anesthetic when sensitive areas are treated.

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Preparation Guidelines Prior to Laser Treatment

  • If you are currently on the medication Accutane, or gold therapy in the last six months, please let us know. This medication can make your skin more susceptible to damage from the laser.
  • It is very important to inform us if you have had any Permanent Makeup, tattoos or artificial fillers. Botox is fine but Artecoll or Gortex may not react well with the laser. The laser light will be attracted to the permanent color and possibly remove it. This area needs to be avoided. Please stop using self-tanning lotions or sprays 8 to 10 days before treatment.
  • If you have had Microdermabrasion or glycolic acid treatments done recently it is also important to let us know. This makes the skin more vascular and more sensitive. Extra cooling of the skin is required.
  • Please shave the area to be treated one or three days prior to treatment. It is ideal for the tops of the hair to be showing so that the area being treated is recognizable.
  • Facial hair does not always need to be shaved; sometimes it just needs a little trim. Your laser specialist can help you with this. Please make sure you wash off all make- up prior to treatment. Avoid using long lasting lipstick or any makeup that does not remove easily the day of the treatment.
  • Remove jewelry, especially in the area to be treated, as it may absorb or reflect the laser light.
  • During the treatment you will be asked to wear protective goggles specific to our laserís wavelength.
  • Emla is not always necessary; most patients find that cooling with our Zimmer (cooling device that emits cool air) is sufficient. We cool the skin prior, during and after the treatment. Cooling the skin serves three purposes; it protects the epidermis, desensitizes the skin and allows for the use of higher fluence.
  • If you have a history of herpes it is recommended you contact your physician and begin a course of prophylactic anti-viral therapy.

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What To Expect After the Treatment

KEEP IT COOL, KEEP IT CLEAN, KEEP IT OUT OF THE SUN (or use sunscreen minimum 30 SPF)

  • For the next 24 to 48 hours be extra gentle with your skin. Avoid anything very hot. For example hot tubs, saunas and even hot leather seats can cause a burn. Use tepid water.
  • Make sure the area is cooled very well by using cool gel packs on the treated areas.
  • Avoid the use of deodorant or excessive underarm movement until there is no irritation or redness. You may feel like you have a mild to moderate sunburn. Avoid direct sun exposure after your treatment. If you do go in the sun, protect the treated area with a sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher.
  • A Blister is rare but possible. Cool gel packs, witch hazel, aloe vera and Polysporin may help with redness or inflammation of your skin. Avoid irritating products like Retin-A, Benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid or astringents.
  • It will look worse before it gets better. But it does get better. The root of the hair takes 2- 3 weeks to fall or grow out. Meanwhile it may appear as if the hair is growing.
  • Once there is no visible sign of irritation or redness you can resume all normal activities. After 4 days you may shave or trim.
  • To maximize the next treatment it is important not to wax or pluck and to come in for a follow up during the anagen (growing stage), usually 5-12 weeks after initial treatment depending on the area.
  • Only hairs in the anagen phase are expected to not return. Expect 15-30% reduction with each treatment. Some individuals will experience a greater percentage of reduction. This is also dependent on the hair color and density and tolerance. Expect 3-6 treatments to achieve 85- 95% reduction. Fine, light or gray hairs may be finished off with electrolysis.

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Price List

Upper Lip $50.00
Upper Lip and Lower Lip (Perioral) $75.00
Chin and Anterior Neck $125.00
Upper Lip & Chin & Anterior Neck$160.00
Cheeks/sideburns $125.00
Forehead (from hairline to top of the eyebrows) $125.00
Full face and Anterior ( including upper neck) $250.00
Lower half face (upper lip, chin, cheeks) $200.00
Sideburns $100.00
Full Face and Full Front Neck $300.00
Ball of Chin $50.00
Back of neck $100.00
Entire neck front and back $200.00
Torso: UpperPrice
Chest $200.00
Abdomen down to start of pubic hair $175.00
Chest and abdomen $299.00
Sternum (between breasts) $100.00
Areola (nipple area) $89.00
Back: full upper and lower, including shoulders $299.00
Shoulders (from clavicle on front & back) $250.00
Back upper $200.00
Back lower $150.00
Buttocks this includes perianal (extra charge if hair extends to the out4er sides of the leg) $250.00
Torso: Lower Price
Basic Bikini Line (up to 3” wide on thighs)
Male or Female
Linea ( 3” wide belly button to pubic bone)
Male or Female
Basic Bikini Line($99.00) and Linea($50.00)
Male or Female
"Brazilian Style" for Women
Basic Bikini Line($99) and Labia($50)
Basic Bikini Line($99) Linea($50)Labia($50)
Basic Bikini Line($99)Linea($50)Labia($50)
"Brazilian Style
" for Men
Basic Bikini($99)and Base of Penis ($50)
Basic Bikini($99) Linea($50)
Basic Bikini($99) and Scrotum($100)
Basic Bikini($99)Linea($50)Base of Penis($50) Scrotum($100)
Lower half circle at Base of Penis




Scrotum on its own $200.00
Full Shaft of Penis $200.00
Perianal Male or Female $100.00
Inner thighs $200.00
Buttocks with perianal $250.00
Axillae (underarms) $50 when and add on $89.00
Both arms including hands and fingers $250.00
Forearms, hands, and fingers $150.00
Upper arms $150.00
Hands and fingers $89.00
Full legs (inc. feet and toes) $450.00
Full legs + Basic Bikini line + $50 for each add on of Linea, Labia and Peri $525.00
Lower legs (includes 2 inches above the knees and feet and toes) $200 from below knee $250.00
Upper Legs $300.00
Upper legs and Basic Bikini line + $50 pubic hair & linea or $150.00 Brazilian $375.00
Lower legs and Basic Bikini line + $50 for each add on of Linea, Labia or Peri $325.00
Feet and Toes $89.00

PRE-PAY for 5 get 1 for FREE ( must be paid by the third treatment to qualify for the 6th free).

**For the loyal client who may require more than 6 treatments whether they paid individually or as a package they are always offered at half the original price. We wish to take care of you until the job is completed. If the regular price was $100 and you have completed a series and need more than the 6th it will cost $50.00 for subsequent treatments when we are still covering the full area. Note that Electrolysis can be offered inbetween treatments

** Discounts may not be applicable on extremities
** Prices may be subject to change depending on area to be covered.

Additional Payment Options

** This is available for clients who have completed a package and are on maintenance and wish to treat scattered hairs in a variety of places in one sitting. Your technician will give you what works best for you.The techinician will evaluate the number of pulses and the time required and bill fairly for what is remaining.

First Hour
20 Minutes 120.00
40 Minutes 240.00
60 Minutes 360.00

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Treatment Techniques : Video


Neck Area


Thermal Video

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Laser Hair Removal Preparation Guidelines

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Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Suntanned and Darker

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laser hair removal

laser hair removal

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